Bridget Ilene Delaney (kagomeshuko) wrote in ubuntulinux,
Bridget Ilene Delaney

Touchpad Problems

I took my laptop into Best Buy, being I got a three year warranty when I bought it this past June.

They replaced my hard drive (which required undoing stuff with screws and lifting my keyboard and what not - I'd not know nor would I know how to do those things).

They put the hard drive in and just like I asked, they did not install an operating system. I figured this was a good thing.

I ran an Ubuntu 9,10 USB drive (like a CD image but on a USB stick).

I did the test drive for errors and no errors were found.

I then installed Ubuntu.

Ubuntu easily installed.

However, now, my touchpad and "mouse" buttons are not registering. I don't know if this would be the fault of Geek Squad, but I'm not sure about that.

Maybe there is some code that I need to run in a terminal to get my touchpad to register?

The reason that I'm thinking it MIGHT be the latter is because I also have a fingerprint reader and it is between the two mouse buttons. I was able to run "System Testing" and it was able to detect my fingerprint reader.

I was also able to go to "iBus Preferences" though I don't know if I need that.

I got the following:

iBus has been started! if you can not use iBus, please add below lines in $HOME/.bashrc, and relogin your desktop.
export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

Yes, I did try the stuff at

The first command for the terminal doesn't work! It just opens an empty gedit document with that name. I also tried changing "gedit" to "get" and nothing happens.

I did manage to get the Internet connected. With our wet weather, the ground is wet, and the wires are wet, and it's very strange trying to connect at times. However, Empathy IM client did connect and then I got to a few webpages in Firefox.

However, every program in the repository/software center gave some message similar to "data not available in the current package" or something like that.

I do read the Ubuntu forums, but being that I'm still quite new to Ubuntu, most of the things confuse me. A lot of questions say "When I do this" and there is some command I don't understand and then many of the questions still remain unresolved.

Right now, I'm using my sister's tiny netbook so I can tell you my problems I'm having.

I honestly don't know about other problems because of the previous problems.

If I really need to go get a USB mouse to work with things, I may go do that. However, I'd like to not have to do that.
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